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From the banks of Richmond’s very own James River to the banks of the Aegean Sea, Chase Adventure takes Mindfulness from the local to the global. Led by the fun, friendly, and ever-adventurous Rose, our Chase Adventure events and retreats will heighten your senses; nurture your mind, body, and soul; and totally elevate your mindfulness practice. Whether you’re looking for some much-needed JOMO (aka: the joy of missing out… out of your phone, your e-mail, and checking out what everyone else is up to via social media) or are ready to roll up your mat and take it globetrotting, our adventures allow you to retreat into a local experience or an exciting adventure on another continent! No matter which one you choose, one thing is for sure: you will experience the joy of being in the here and now, tapping into your power to create whatever your heart desires.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your bag (or, you know, that oversized luggage) and let the fun begin!


Yoga at Upper Shirley Vineyards

This is vinyasa class that incorporates a dynamic flow of postures that blends continuous movement and longer holds. This style can include twists, back bends, hip openers, shoulder openers, and/or inversions and arm balances.

Class Level
This class welcomes all levels. Options will be provided for students who are building their foundation as well as for those who are ready to challenge their practice.

Dates (Time from 10-11 A.M.)
April 6 & 20
May 5 & 18
June 1 & 22
July 13 & 27
Aug 10
Sep 7 & 21

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Chase Adventure